A New Review for Immortal Medusa

This one comes from Dave Donahue, the editor and publisher of Ra Press. Read the review in full below.

When I was a very little kid, the third floor attic was spooky and dark yet inviting in a magical way… When very brave I ventured down the main aisle and peered into the two fully complete bedrooms there—wild and compelling furnishings made up these unoccupied Victorian-like bedrooms, light from small windows carved somewhere in the roof gave oblique lighting—dust motes clearly seen as if in a dusty projection room… Mystified and yet magically enthralled I just stood there, peering in…

Haven’t had that feeling of awe in a while but it returned in reading IMMORTAL MEDUSA… How to explain the feeling? Like being in a place where there are artifacts of basically everything—ancient philosophies, odd slices of history, articles of faith, weird science, and yes, so much knowing documentation of family—childhood, aging and everything in between….

This book is a really great read. I was back in those rooms, peering into the mysteries of things oddly familiar yet just beyond my complete understanding. For me, Ms. Ungar is to poetry as William Kotzwinkle is to prose—they both can head out in any and all directions in their art and bring the reader to wonderful places…

Read this book!

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