Immortal Medusa


Like any great seeker, Ungar pursues the truth beneath surfaces available to the naked eye. Reading these poems, we are seized by the worlds she reveals. It is the feeling we call ravishment.

Greg Pardlo

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Charlotte Brontë, You Ruined My Life


‘I who undulated like an eel now mince on knife-point’: with what glittering myths our culture hooks and reels in its women. In poems at once nightmarishly excoriating and redemptively witty, BLU plunges us into deep waters where these myths are seen joyously refracted.  

Nathalie F. Anderson

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The Origin of the Milky Way

Milky Way no Border
. . . a fearless, unflinching collection about birth and motherhood, the transformation of bodies. Ungar’s poems are honestly brutal, candidly tender. Their primal immediacy and intense intimacy are realized through her dazzling sense of craft. Ungar delivers a wonderful, sensuous, visceral poetry.

                                                  —Denise Duhamel

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Barbara Ungar’s poems embody, with piercing authority, the ebullience of dissolution. She is a master of sudden pathos (see ‘Garment’ or ‘For the Town Clerk’) as well as joy pulled from ‘the used, the worn, the broken in’ (see ‘To My First Address’ or ‘The Thrift Shop of My Dreams’). Ungar’s formal panache offers abundant pleasures, and manages also to be wise.

—Frank Bidart

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Neoclassical Barbara

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A chapbook featuring artwork by the author.

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